Since October 2014 ABSK has been working on the Brickfield school project in collaboration with Bhalobasa, Italy, with an aim of providing basic education and health facilities to the migrant children staying with their parents in the brickfield. It is an endeavor towards temporary habitat to some most disadvantaged communities from Bihar and Jharkhand. ABSK has been running brickfield schools in different brickfields of Bolpur Sriniketan and Shantiniketan Block of Birbhum District. A considerable number of children come every year with their parents who work as a labour of brickfield and the children scattered throughout the project sites. The labours are coming from different districts and working here for more than six months a year. Their children mostly help their parents in brick field production or household chores. Thus children are not getting formal admission in the schools at their native places and miss the scope to go to school. In the initial years of starting the project, ABSK did a series of advocacy meetings with the various brickfield owners and thus they permitted ABSK to conduct schools to teach the children a formal education. ABSK taught to write alphabets, numbers, their name, parents name, address and also taught to practice health and hygiene for sound health and life. Every year annual sports have been organized for the children and even annual exam also conducted to produce a report of their merit to get formal admission in other schools when they return back to their native place. ABSK also administers a health program to provide primary health care facilities and provide supplementary nutrition.

It is indeed a rare opportunity to work with these migrant labourers and their children. The project not only helps to encourage the children to study but also it is an opportunity to make the parents aware of the value of education and the negative effects of child labour. Thus we are grateful to Bhalobasa Italia for supporting us since 2014 for the betterment of children


The objectives of this project are

1)To empower, educate and bring dignity to migrant children and their communities through effective child-centered education.

 2) To improve the health, hygiene, sanitation, and awareness of the brickfield workers.

3) To reduce and gradually eliminate child labor and ensure child protection in the backfield.

 4) And to make the Government aware of the condition of the migrant children.

 We facilitate them with

We are very happy to support more than 2478 children till date through this project.

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