Child line (1098) :

ABSK obtained a superb opportunity in 2010-11 to serve any child in distress through CHILDLINE Burdwan as a collaborative organization to Protect and promote children’s rights and build up a child-friendly environment. ABSK, one among the 83 cities of the Child Line operational partners for Burdwan Zone and started the service from February 2011, approved by CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF), Mumbai, a joint venture of Ministry of Women and Child Welfare.


1098 is a tool free 24-hour, emergency telephone number, which is common in all the cities of India, helping and outreaching for children in need of care and protection onwards with the set-up of a child care center in the premises of ABSK Office.


CHILDLINE is a project of the Ministry of Women and Child Development (GOI) in partnership with State Governments, NGOs, International Donors, the Corporate Sector, Concerned Individuals and Children and approachable to anybody who witness any injustice made to a child.


So far the CHILDLINE received 2538 Calls, 316 Case interventions, 186 Medical service, 120 Shelter and Restoration, 88 Outreach activities 11 Open House, 4 Rescue of missing children and 3 child marriage intervention done successfully.


- Lobby for child rights

- Reunite lost and runaway children with their families

- Ensure protection of Children through Human Resource Development

- Shelter homes

- Protection of children in disaster situation

- Emotional support and guidance

- Medical, Shelter

- Repatriation, Rescue

- Sponsorship

- Missing Children

- Death related

- Child sexual Abuse