English Medium Schools for Tribal

The educational sector of ABSK has taken up another step for its target group introducing "English Medium Schools for Tribals", to march them towards the technological world of our fast growing global country, where the dignity and human identity is secure for tribal.

A New Dawn to the Tribal Society

The new venture is started from 2004 in our operational areas, specifically Nuta (Holy Family School), Ahmadpur (NirmalHriday School), Katwa (St.Joseph’s Eng. Med. School). Many children are kept in the hostels and being sent to English Medium schools in other places too.

A Development in the deprived area

An opportunity for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged community of ‘Tribal’ to compete with the developed world as the medium of technology become English for our global country! Through these schools now, almost 1200 tribal children are able to speak English that means they are confident to stand at the front for any achievement.

An initiation to the path of Achievement

It is a starting point of wiping away the inferiority and insecurity from the heart of our people! This programme has created a mass awareness in the community and many more people from tribal community are coming forward to send their children in English medium. A new scope to fill up the reservations kept for Tribal upliftment in the sector of higher education and employment opportunities by the Government.

  • Access of Elite education for the underprivileged tribal children.
  • Dream of a dignified livelihood for the upcoming generation.
  • A step ahead towards sustainability of these thirsty brains of the first generation learners.