The target area of ABSK is consisted by 60% of the population tribal, who are either migrants from neighboring states or have been bonded laborers to the land lords. Due to illiteracy and poor economic conditions among them, unemployment and ignorance still persist to this very day.

Most of the villagers are agricultural laborers and earn their daily bread by toiling in the fields of rich landowners for a daily wage of Rs. 80/- to 100/- per day. There are a handful of tribal farmers who do possess small plots of land but they do not have the much needed resources support or information needed to reap a good harvest. They wish to mortgage their pieces of land rather than cultivate it for fear of losses.

For the daily wage earners,it is only during the sowing and the harvesting seasons, have work to do, otherwise they are left jobless. Thus we helped various people to start income generation activities and to earn their living.

Many were assisted with loan and donation and market input to start and to sustain the activities. Through these enterprises the tribal families have been learning to sustain their earnings even if there is a drought or flood in the area.

CowsTailoring MachinesCycle repair shop
Sheep/GoatPump setVegetable shop
PigsThrashing Machine Grocery shop
Ducks/ChickensMotor VanLand
FisheryCycle RickshawsKitchen Garden
MushroomSpraying MachineVermin Compost