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The Health Center of Jion Jharna, Bolpur brought a difference by experimenting qualitative changes in the health status of the villagers. The Dispensary is equipped with necessary medical instruments and tools relevant for Homeopathic, Allopathic, Herbal, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture. 16 beds are available in dispensary for the patients to stay and 3000 people are treated in the dispensary through early diagnosis and cost effective treatment and 750 aged and children from far away villages are treated through mobile dispensary during the reporting period. Twice in a month Health checkup conduct in the villages and distribute medicine through mobile dispensary for aged and children far away villages which brought new hope to the poor tribal people.

Jion Jharna Dispensary has a special section for Mother and Child Care, started from 11th February 2011. This centre has all the facilities to save the lives of the poor malnourished children with severe infections with 40 beds, 20 for children and 20 for women. Children are given holistic way of treatment with free nutritious food as long as they need to stay in the health center.