Productive utilisation of land

Improved and scientific agriculture is the backbone of other activities of ABSK. Investing in agriculture meant, investing in education, health and socio-economic growth of the emerging people of our area who heavily depend on agriculture.

The efforts through organic farming have affirmed that the change in soil fertility is possible only by getting back to our ancestral-traditional cropping mechanism with modern techniques.

Through soil testing, crop management, organic farming, integrated pest and disease management, seed growing and preservation techniques have helped the developing farmers to invest less and profit more in their little land.

A systematically planned orchard development in barren land and watershed management have resulted in growth of greenery, improved utility of ground water and sustainable livelihood. While these, of their own speak of ABSK’s efforts and success, it firmly stands by the developing farmers, tribal in particular, in their struggle for survival and development.

Till now ABSK is involved with more than 2000 farmers and 10,000 families.