Small orchard

In 2009 ABSK had intervened in the lives of the poor and underprivileged people of Birbhum District, establishing the scheme of WADI (Orchard) project collaborated with the Government Programme NABARD.

The District is 25 kms from the headquarters of Suri on the Kolkata-Darjeeling (Hill Station) rail route.Land use pattern as a whole in this district reveals that 1/4th geographical area is classified as cultivable wastelands and barren and uncultivable area.

The Wadi programme has been targeted the major part of this category including high fallow lands for raising of fruit orchards. The components of the Programme are Soil Conservation, Water harvesting, Farmers Group, Self Help groups etc contribute to build up a full-fledged community with future sustainability.

The aim of this project is to develop sustainable livelihood for participating tribal communities, leading to reduction of poverty and prevention of migration. The project promises self-employment on one hand and use of unproductive land for productive purpose on the other.

Currently 1000 Tribal families are benefited by this programme provides an alternate occupational option and a unique opportunity to transform the economic condition of the tribal as well as protect the natural resources of the project areas in the future.

  • Organizing farmers groups in the villages
  • Regular meeting and motivation classes in the villages
  • Improved agricultural guidelines
  • Training on Nursery development, Grafting and Plant protection
  • Training for picking crops, shorting, grading and packaging
  • Training for soil and water conservation-field Bunding
  • Rain Water Harvesting & Land preparation to arrest erosion of top soil
  • Pitcher irrigation
  • Formation of Self Help Groups among Women
  • Preparation of organic manure and pits, Vermin compost
  • Health Awareness Programmes