SRI (System of Rice Intensification)

To minimize the adverse effects of climate change ABSK made a firm step to address the farmers’ problem in this area by promoting a different way of growing paddy using lesser resources, popularly called as System of Rice Intensification (SRI).

SRI is based on a set of new ideas and practices that give rice plants more favourable environment, to get more output and returns in an eco-friendly way. It leads to healthier, more productive soil and plants by supporting greater root growth and by nurturing the abundance and diversity of soil microorganism.

In order to building capacities of the farmers ABSK has been conducted several; trainings through participatory approaches which helps them to address their problems by themselves. 30 farmers groups were formed in the villages out of that 15 model farmers are selected to give training to other farmers.

The success of SRI depends on strict adherence of its five steps viz. young seedlings, single seedling, square planting, water management and mechanical weeder usage. The Agricultural department of West Bengal Government Burdwan zone supports it by guidance and providing trainings.

The SRI plantation methodology is raining of young seedling and planting of 14-15 days young single seedling in squares, at a spacing of 25 x 25 cm. The Conventional cultivation planting was resorted to and 25 to 30 days old, eight to ten seedlings were planted per spot and required around 70 to 80 kg of seed per hector, as compared to mere 8 kg per hector in case of SRI method of rice cultivation., with a less labour requirement.

The significant changes we experienced such as reduction of seed rate, inter row spacing, usage of new Cycle weeder, resulted the yields were increased by extra 40%. This Method has reached around 750 farmers now spread about 11 villages.

Krishi Mela and Media programmes were organized to sensitize the people in a wide range. Around 150 acres of land was covered under SRI from 2009 to 2011. The inherent merit of this SRI method is like reduced inputs, cost, increased yields and returns. The farmers who experienced, exchanges the idea to spread it in a wild manner.

  • Help to the farmers for innovation of SRI line marker.
  • Give SRI weeder machine (easy & less laborious) to the farmers.
  • Use of Pheromone trap at rice field to uproot the insects.
  • Give easy handling, portable ‘Soil testing kit’ to identify N,P,K and organic carbon.
  • Introduce of database (maintaining by farmers) for use of organic manure at farmer’s land.