Women Wmpowerment

Since 1999, ABSK has initiated Women Empowerment program with the formation of Self-Help Groups, for women in the villages, mainly to discuss problems and issues and find solutions to them through collective action.

Currently 1372 members in 138 Self-Help-Groups develop regular and systematic savings and Bank linkages with a total savings of Rs. 22,65,678.00 and mobilize financial resources for income generating programs build up their self-esteem and status.

Much stress is being given to the starting of Animal Husbandry, Poultry, ducks rearing, taking of land on lease for cultivation, cultivation of herbal plants, pisciculture, fruit and vegetable farming etc.

Through different trainings, they are enabled to involve in Panchayat and other local governance systems, actively participate in a rightful place in the family as well as in the community.

Today ABSK promoted gender mainstreaming program in it’s over all projects in a sustainable manner. ABSK assisted in the formation of Self Help Groups and started savings among its members.

Bank accounts have been opened for the group as a whole and some of them have been transformed to SGSYs under the Government scheme for Income Generation activities.

Number of SHG 138
Total Members 1372
Total Savings Rs. 22,65,678.00
Total Loan Rs. 4,84,801.00
Loan refunded Rs. 2,65,547.00
Bank linkage groups 94
No of SHGs started IGP 44